DSC_0379 I am a community builder.

I’m passionate about looking beyond structures that stifle connection and creativity to discover ways of being and connecting that serve me and others. While our sons were growing up, I did this through my work as co-founder of Island Parent Magazine. In my 40’s,  I established my business, Authentic Communication, to help people to discover and live from their values. Most recently, I volunteer part-time to support local businesses I appreciate having access to.

In my early twenties I received my diploma in Community Work. In 2000, I was introduced to Marshall Rosenberg and later, Robert Gonzales, studying with them and other trainers in order to share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with others. I’ve done this for the past 12 years. I received my BA in Liberal Studies as an enthusiastic 50+-year-old.  I practice Centering Prayer and attend regular retreats and Wisdom Schools with Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault. I give workshops, talks, and courses on Parenting, Spirituality, Midlife Transition, and anything else I’m drawn to explore.

Two years ago we moved to the country. My daily walks through the woods and the changing view from my window keep me grounded and open.

I enjoy expressing life: through my writing, fabric art, singing, my work whether paid or volunteer, and within all my relationships. I’m a fairly recent empty-nester living with my beloved husband of 30 years. It isn’t always comfortable living an unconventional life; it seems to ask a willingness to look into the dark places and navigate rough edges, something I’m becoming more comfortable doing.

In this blog, I share these forays with you.


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